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Total electricity demand is expected to grow by 28 percent from 3,839 billion kilowatt hours in 2011 to 4,930 billion kilowatt hours in 2040. Residential electricity sales are also expected to grow by 24 percent, to 1,767 billion kilowatt hours in 2040, spurred by population growth and continued population shifts to warmer regions with greater cooling requirements. There is a definite need to help consumers lower their energy costs as more and more electricity is consumed.


Size of Market: Literally any user of energy, whether it is a residence or business, is a potential client of The Power Company. The market is wide open. The market is estimated to be well in excess of $500 Billion. TPC has a thriving Residential team that has been acquiring 2,000+ Residential accounts per month with over 30,000 residential contracts enrolled. TPC's goal is to have in excess of 250,000 residential clients enrolled within 3-5 years.


In addition, TPC acquires 10 million kWh of Commercial Business on average every month, which adds to its bottom line, and as importantly provides potential clients for its sister company, E3- Energy Efficiency Experts. Since TPC already has developed a relationship with its clients by saving them money on their electricity and/or gas rates, these clients are very receptive in hearing how TPC’s sister company can help them save even more money on their energy expenditures by lowering their energy usage.


Currently only 32% of the United States is deregulated. TPC already has a proven and successful business model to rapidly assist additional clientele and reap the benefits as additional states become deregulated.


In addition, TPC has developed a “first of its kind” Power Portal, which allows for seamless client enrollment as well as complete Sales and Contact Management System specifically designed for the energy markets.