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The Power Company provides the most competitive energy pricing delivered with no change in service. There are currently 16 states that have deregulated their energy markets. While many have already benefitted from deregulated energy, there are millions more that have not taken advantage of this opportunity. It is estimated that federally mandated energy deregulation will be enacted in some form in most of the 50 states by 2020, with a significant percentage in the next 3-5 years. The deregulation industry is estimated at 11 times larger than when the telecom industry deregulated. Today and as this market broadens, PRHL’s energy deregulation company, TPC, will continue to leverage its strength in these emerging markets. The Power Company has already contracted tens of thousands of clients for deregulated energy.


Prior to deregulation, the utility market in each state was monopolized. One utility provided all components of energy services: supply and distribution. In 1992 Congress passed the National Energy Policy Act, allowing consumers in deregulated states the power to choose their energy supplier.


TPC is an experienced energy consulting firm in the deregulation space that utilizes its market standing and its large, well-established network of energy suppliers to compete for its clients’ business. With no cost or obligation for its clients, TPC serves as its clients’ energy advocates and negotiates the most competitive pricing and options for its clientele.


Because of TPC’s buying power, market expertise, and strong and diverse supplier relationships, The Power Company can achieve results and cost savings that are greater than most individuals and/or organizations can obtain on their own.