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PRHL - Premier Holding Corporation


Premier Holding Corporation is a publicly traded energy services holding company. In addition to the energy and business management expertise of its subsidiaries, the Principals of PRHL possess decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions. PRHL provides much-needed strategic management, as well as financial support, which includes access to capital, financing expertise and legal structure to the deregulated power and energy efficiency markets.(PRHL.OB).


Premier Holding has already affected its business model of acquiring and integrating powerful and complementary businesses in the energy sector to provide a very broad range of products and services in the energy management field. PRHL has strategically formed a company that is “Everything Energy”. PRHL’s companies have vast experience in technologies and services for deregulated power and much- needed expertise in energy reduction.


Simply put, PRHL's companies lower their clients’ price and usage of energy. Through deregulated energy expertise, PRHL's subsidiary, The Power Company has assisted tens of thousands of clients. Through its energy efficiency company, E3 - Energy Efficiency Experts, it allows for continuous support via energy management and information systems targeted to commercial middle-market companies, Fortune 500 companies, and developers and management companies of small to large-scale residential developments. PRHL’s goal is to provide “everything energy” for these consumers of power. PRHL will continue to enhance its position in the energy sector via organic growth, along with timely and strategic acquisitions and alliances.


Knowing that energy demand will continue and consumers are interested in saving money – PRHL is a company that matters.