Green performance - not tradeoffs

Meeting your company’s Green initiatives in today’s economy must not be at the expense of meeting your mission critical objectives.

Not all of today’s Green alternatives mean you have to sacrifice your business objectives. If you are like most companies you have a goal to implement better efficiencies but are aware that many alternatives come with unwanted and expensive side effects. Just the adoption and unintended cultural change can make an initiative fail before it has a chance to produce the positive effects you seek. With Active ES lighting controls, implementing your energy saving initiative does not mean changing the way you do business or altering the successful work environment you have created. Our products represent a simple upgrade to your existing facility, with easy implementation that can limit down time to as little as the time you take for lunch - not over days and weeks while disrupting your operations like many retrofits.

Energy Saving Opportunity of 10% to 36%!

Active ES products work with your existing HID and Fluorescent lighting fixtures to provide up to 36% savings on your lighting energy consumption.

How does it work? HID and Fluorescent lamps start at full power and take up to 15 minutes to achieve full brightness. At this point they no longer need full power to maintain their optimum lighting levels and potential energy savings can be harvested. Active ES lighting controls start and operate the lamps at full power before reducing power to a user specified power savings level configured at the time of installation, harvesting energy savings. By utilizing a patented method of energy reduction, power is reduced smoothly without unintended consequences to the life and operation of the controlled system. In fact, because of reduced heat, the lamps experience reduced lumen depreciation which means your existing fixtures will exhibit a higher maintained lumen performance than without our technology. Our products are designed for use with magnetic and passive electronic ballasts as found in HID lamps such as high and low-pressure sodium, metal-halide, pulse-start, mercury vapor, etc. as well as fluorescent fixtures.

Active ES has partnered with Manufacturer’s Representatives, Engineers, Distributors, Contractors, and Energy Conservation companies across the US and around the world to properly evaluate your lighting energy usage and the best solution for your situation.

There is simply no more economical way to achieve the dramatic energy savings that accrue with the Active ES Lighting Controls.