Why PRHL Now

Today, efficiency and sustainability is increasingly recognized as the leading market opportunity for businesses large and small to positively affect their bottom lines. From lowering the price paid for energy used, to the development of a corporate sustainability and efficiency strategy, to the implementation of energy, water and waste reduction projects; PRHL’s companies deliver the advisory services and expertise that companies need to thrive.

Regardless of a company’s size, energy efficiency is increasingly recognized as one of the largest single profit opportunities in a business’s strategy. Put simply, energy efficiency is not only about being “green”, but also represents a tangible strategic advantage in helping businesses reduce operating expenditures while maintaining or even increasing output, improving worker efficiency, and better mitigating both long-term and short-term risks. All while saving them money!

Energy Efficiency Performance is now firmly on the agenda of most progressive companies, regardless of size. Government legislation, increased profitability, reduced operating costs, and enhanced brand reputation together with growing consumer demand for sustainable products are driving the adoption of energy efficient business practices in every industry. PRHL is positioned to be on the forefront of this major business initiative.

PRHL continues with its intention to acquire energy efficiency companies that focus on energy price and usage reduction products and services that are accretive and can be seamlessly integrated.

Knowing that energy demand will continue and consumers are interested in saving money - PRHL is a company that matters.